Topics in AI

Ethnography, system thinking and human–based computation as enablers of better communication between humans and machines.

We will look at systems of intelligence, their design and architecture. And will examine them in the context of their communication with a human, the mental models and mental journeys associated with that exchange.

Through tracing back to the root of human–machine narrative we will be able to gain wider view on industrialist thinking round tools, and find new models through a shift in perspective.

We will write (and recursively question) new models of communication. Human to human, human to machine, machine to machine - and think of those in the context of one to one, and one to many.

Narratives about the first attempts in computing AI, and parallel efforts to build augmentation tools will help us understand paradigms in system and tool design. Which we will then use in building and ideating future one.

Special emphasis will be placed on the agency of tools, the limits of maths, the nature of complexity and the meaning of user convening to a system's adaptivity.

Written on October 31, 2017